Aoc Uninstall Steps Did Not Help Initialize Subsystem Issue

Here are a few simple ways that can help resolve the aoc subsystem initialization failure issue.

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    Depending on your antivirus settings, it may scan and block Gaming Guard and game files every time users open the game, which can lead to file corruption and incorrect fixing of files. If you add it to the exclusion list, apps will be excluded from scanning.

    aoc failed to initialize subsystem

    Adding Cabal Online files/folders to your computer’s antivirus exclusion list can help prevent and resolve the following errors:

  • Game Guard error
  • An error detected by a particular anti-piracy system.
  • Game Guard will not be fixed
  • Startup error
  • Cabal does not open after pressing the START button
  • Corrupted files
  • How to add a list of all Avast Antivirus exclusions

    1. Open Avast
    2. Go to “Settings” > then to the “General” category.
    3. Scroll down and also click Exception.
    4. In the File Locations button, click Browse and select the Cabal Online PH folder.
    5. Click OK to confirm.
    6. Reboot your best PC and start the game again

    How to add an exclusion listValues ​​in ESET Antivirus

    1. Open ESET software
    2. Press F5 to open the advanced settings window.
    3. In Advanced Settings > click Antivirus & Antispyware > Exceptions.
    4. Now click the “Add…” button
    5. View the Cabal Online PH file, select a folder and click OK.
    6. Close ESET and restart your computer.
    7. Start the game

    How to add an exclusion list to AVG Antivirus

    1. Open AVG
    2. Go to options menu > select “Advanced settings”
    3. In the left pane, select > Exceptions.
    4. In the right pane > click Add Exception.
    5. Select a folder from the exclusion type drop-down menu.
    6. View Cabal Online PH file/folder
    7. Click OK to confirm, then click OK again to save your changes.
    8. Restart your computer and restart the game.

    In general, if you’re having problems with Gameguard, try the following

    -Please check all truckers especially your graphic drivers which can be updated

    -Please delete papku GameGuard and try restarting the game

    -Please run your own clean scan of your computer and also update Windows (Gameguard is too sensitive to suspicious software)

    – Go directly to Control Panel > click Internet Options > click Connection Charges > click LAN Settings icon > Make sure proxy settings are disabled

    -Remove Cabal, completely delete all Cabal directories and Cabal settings on PC (Start > Run > Regedit > Ctrl+F to find Cabal registry settings > type Cabal > delete all found Cabal save locations Press F3 to find the next match (before the search ends) Reboot PC/Laptop (reboot) It follows that you are only installing the Cabal client game using the latest version of the Cabal client installer, which can usually be downloaded from the official CabalSEA website.

    -If clients still see the GameGuard folder located in the CabalSEA client folder, go to this command prompt > type ipconfig /flushdns > delete the GameGuard folder > Run the game

    If you’re still having problems, send it in.Report using with the following details

    9. Place: each other’s house/Internet cafe/office (specify)

    *You can find all these files in Cabal folder –>gameguard folder

    3. Click Save Information (a pop-up window will appear asking where to fix the information and put it on the desktop)

    The Most Common Gameguard Mistakes And Their Solutions

    Please update your antivirus and also scan your PC. If error code 100 persists even after imitation, it may be an unknown virus.Name=”more”>
    [Error code: 6 Type: 110] – GameMon is already running.

    Error loading modules that check for viruses and hacked devices. Possible reasons: lack of RAM and virus infection.

    1. The program may be using too much CPU.

    Or, the tutorial video, driver, or audio driver may be out of date. Please skip all viruses and spyware, so update all drivers to almost all latest versions.

    2. The potential user is still using anti-virus software, withtoo heavy for a secure system (Norton 2005, McAfee, VirusBuster, etc.)

    Please open the current settings of the application and disable all unnecessary features such as Internet monitoring, Outlook monitoring, script monitoring.

    [Error code: 6 Type: 115] – the game has been launched several times or GameGuard is already running.

    [Error Code: 6 Type: 124] – File GameGuard.des does not exist or has been modified.

    [Error code: 6 Type: 150] – GameGuard installation file does not exist or is corrupted.

    Or manually download the GameGuard installation file and install it in the GameGuard folder.

    It is recommended to perform a virus scan and reinstall Internet or view rsabase.dll in the system folder for Internet Explorer.

    aoc failed to initialize subsystem

    Or reinstall the GameGuard installation file and try to explore the game again.

    Overlap comp + other skills. Can cause frequent DC and lead to a permanent ban, as it is defined as speedhacking. Reinstall and make sure your client works.

    Close unnecessary programs and try again (also check for third-party utilities).

    The network is unstable inAt this point, the internet or maybe even the firewall settings might have a problem or two (perhaps they need to be changed manually). Code: 6

    [Error Type: 350] – The “Cancel” button was pressed during an update or due to a connection error.

    1. Try to connect again or confirm your Internet connection status and/or click the “Retry” button.

    2. It may also be a slow update due to insufficient network bandwidth. Either the FTP-HTTP connection seems to be blocked. Code: 6

    [Error Type: 360] – Update failed or the GameGuard file was always corrupted.

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