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    Recently I was asked to confirm a VSA installation issue. Obstacle reported by person encountered with this one in VSA 5.1.1 release notes.

    When installing VSA 5.1.1, error 2896 In progress: action aborted Problem message
    This can happen if you find that the temp drive location is definitely a drive other than C:, where VSA Manager should be installed.
    Workaround. Make sure that the user and system variables TEMP and TMP usually point to the location after the specified c: drive.

    However, this workaround did not help him, and also found another probable cause of the error. If you installed vCenter Server on a drive other than the C: drive, you may also encounter all of these installation issues when trying to deploy VSA Manager. In this legal issue, you must do the following to solve this problem:

    1. Run the vSphere Appliance Storage (VSA) Manager installer. The program copies the installer and extracts its files.extract
    2. When completed, the Continue button will be enabled. Not Click “Next” button at this
    3. Go to %TEMP%/sva/VSAManager/installTool and open the runtool.bat file in almost any text editor. You
    4. add %BUILDDIR% to the ninth line of the product code before /d. For example, replace: cd with: %builddir% cd /d %BUILDDIR%
    5. Save and close
    6. Click “Next” while the installation continues.

    This continue allows a successful setup. I will ask you to keep this information up to date in KB one.

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    Code: 100015438

    error 2896 vmware

    Last published: April 30, 2015

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  • Restoring a VMware virtual machine on ESXi 6.not 0 may fail with error 0xe000957e or 0xe00095a7, possibly with a dot. the title is included in the digital machine.

    Error Log Message

    << Debugging Remote Backup Exec Agent Remove) (Remote -------->>
    —————————————————– —————- ————— 2015-04-20T14:42:57
    [3312].207 [fsysvmvcb]
    [3312] 2015-04-20T14:42:57.[fsysvmvcb] – 207 IsResourcePoolInAVApp: symvmtools: 2015-04-20T14:42:57 no
    [3312].207 SymVmTools: [fsysvmvcb] – added when creating vmexapi:
    [3312] 2015-04-20T14:42:57.[fsysvmvcb] – 285 SymVmTools: WaitForTaskComplete: reached
    Error [3312]! 2015-04-20T14:42:57.285 [fsysvmvcb]; WaitForTaskComplete: symvmtools: similar file exists approximately <248>
    [3312] 2015-04-20T14:42:57.285 [fsysvmvcb]
    [3312] 2015-04-20T14:42:57.[fsysvmvcb] 285 – SymVmTools: Createvm: sym_vmc_error: TASK_REACHED_ERROR_STATE
    [3312] 2015-04-20T14:42:57.285 [fsysvmvcb] – SYM_VMC_ERROR: symvmtools: createvirtualmachineexapi: TASK_REACHED_ERROR_STATE
    [3312] 2015-04-20T14:42:57.[fsysvmvcb] 285 – error, vm_vcbproxy_fs::createvirtualmachine: 2015-04-20T14:42:57 result=0X24
    [3312].285 [fsysvmvcb] VM_VCBPROXY_FS::CreateVirtualMachine: – described: vmcCreateVirtualMachineEx file already exists, <0xf8>
    [3312] 2015-04-20T14:42:57.285 [fsysvmvcb] – vm_vcbproxy_fs::createvm() may have failed to create virtual machine ‘__VM_NAME_WITH_DOT__’ 42:57
    [3312] 2015-04-20t14:.285 [fsysvmvcb] VM_VCBPROXY_FS::createVM() := drsonrestoredisabled 6, Redirected = 0, sPodMor equals , sBehavior , SAntiAffinityCsv = SIntraVmEnnity , ,able sVmDrs matches
    [3312] 2015-04-20T14:42:57.300 [fsysvmvcb] – VM_VCBPROXY_FS::DisconnectFromVCServer: vmcDisconnect training session 000000000412C2F0
    [3312] 2015-04-20T14:42:57=.[fsysvmvcb] 300 VM_VCBPROXY_FS::DisconnectFromVCServer: Status=2015-04-20T14:42:57 – 0x0
    [3312].300 – [fsysvmvcb] VM_VCBPROXY_FS::handleNonStagedRestoreMetaData() Failed to deploy vm __VM_NAME_WITH_DOT__.
    [3312] 2015-04-20T14:42:57.300 [fsysvmvcb] ( space ) All vm_vcbproxy_fs::createobj() granular stops are skipped for the model because createvm failed 2015-04-20T14:42:57
    [3312].300 > [ndmploops] LP_ENV::MsgError: Processing error
    [3312] __vm_name_with_dot____vm_name_with_dot__ 0xe000957e 2015-04-20T14:42:57.300 [ndmploops] – error: creating E000957e returned. Return the ignored object from starts.
    —————————————————– —————- ———————– ——-

    0xe00095a7 – The operation failed because vCenter or possibly the ESX server reported that the machine with the actual configuration is not valid. Agent

    << Remote Backup Exec (Remote) >>
    —————————————————– —————- ————– debugging protocol ——–

    error 2896 vmware

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