Tips For Resolving Sharepoint Event ID 6871

If you are getting Sharepoint error with event ID 6871, this tutorial should help.

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  • I apologize if it looks like this has already been fixed, but my never-done research has shown something that worked for me.

    event id 6871 sharepoint

    There are some email enablers on our website that used to work and no longer work. Here is a verified and completed store.

    event id 6871 sharepoint

    1. It is confirmed that the email will go to the folder below.
    2. Confirms that the list is accepting messages from all senders.
    3. Confirm each of our incoming email addresses with the sender.
    4. The central administrator has verified that the preference mode is usually set to Advanced, that SMTP must match the specific mail server for incoming e-mail, and that the e-mail slide folder is correct.
    5. The Sharepoint 2010 Timer Service has restarted.
    6. IIS restarted this server, which hosts the SMTP virtual server, and restarted IIS on the Sharepoint Internet hosts.
    7. Confirms that the active service account is authorized to delete the folder.
    8. Search the event log or found nothing.
    9. Launching verified incoming email from Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

    Update: If you see an error in Event Viewer, this line is displayed.

    The inbound e-mail service sends the completed packet. The elapsed time was 00: 00: 00.2808126. Tariff plan processed A total of 1989 different facts.

    Payment Error 1989 Message (s):
    Message ID:
    the id will probably always be empty.

    If you successfully read my previous article, “Configuring Inbound Email for a List or Calendar,” you probably have a new working inbound email configuration for a SharePoint 2010 environment. However, Microsoft law accidentally posted a bug in the April (2012) CU which will affect the incoming email process.

    The symptoms of this error are that your handy mail app was successfully submitted due to the Exchange process and arrived as “.EML” in your folder on the SharePoint front-end web servers “- file ready to select Timer, job is called” LoginMicrosoft SharePoint Foundation real-time email. ” However, since the CU was applied in April, the .EML data file remains in the drag and drop folder and is not recovered by most timer jobs. This is a very annoying error, and if you analyze the ULS records a little more closely, you will most likely end up with records similar to the screenshot below, and in particular EventID of 6871.

    An error is available for the ingress timer because it now depends somewhat on the actual site collection that has the quota program. If you exit site validation with a standard quota of “0”, emails will not be accepted by SharePoint. However, this is not always consistent with having a functioning SharePoint farm building at the same city level with no TV quotas for collecting websites and handling incoming email (very slightly weird). Therefore, if you are unlucky enough to run into this problem, you really do help as there are several options you can follow, which are detailed below:

    Option 1: Set up a site collection withusing an eligible website in accordance with the required specifications. Once you make the changes, the ones that link to internal emails that are in your Ultimate Drop folder will be selected in ascending order the next time you start the timer.

    Go to Central Administration> Application Management> Configure Quotas and Bans> Select the appropriate online store collection from the drop-down gallery> In the Site Quota Information section, set the limit to the current desired amount (for example, 10,000 MB). Note. This is a new storage control for your site collection, so be sure to consider the future maturity of your site collection.

    Option 2: Download and apply Microsoft Hotfix KB2598348, which resolves the following error. One thing to consider when using this solution is when the personal farm version is likely to be fully added to the July New Year’s website online collections.

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