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    Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have come across an error message stating that microsoft PowerPoint Text Converter has failed. This issue occurs due to a number of factors. Let’s find out about them below.

    This problem occurs because of a problem with the theme. Powerpoint better import outlines, default if style for each word, remove 1 heading 2 and style. If you have made changes to the default or default configurationBecause the default files are not saved due to file corruption in PowerPoint, the file in PowerPoint may have difficulty importing the plan. To find out:

    2. Enter two lines of text (any) with Heading a on one and Heading 2 on the other.

    3. Copy Heading 1 into the final image and fine-tune the paste settings to keep the original order. Select it, go to style gallery, right click and title. First Select an option from the drop-down menu: Set Day as Heading 1 to make your selection.

    If not, copy and paste the outline into another text document in Word. Then repeat the above step, delete everything and reapply the styles.

    If you’re trying to open a PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint and you’re getting a warning message that PowerPoint can’t read the outline: We don’t have converted text installed for our file type, we’re here to help you recover it. The real reason you are getting this error is still unclear as there are many onlineSo different with different solutions.

    Decision #1. Rename .ppt To .pptx

    The correct workaround here is assuming you have a .ppt file that you want to open in PowerPoint, or PowerPoint 10 2013.

    A possible solution is to rename the .ppt file to a .pptx file so that PowerPoint can understand what format we are trying to open the OpenDocument or XML format file in.

    Decision #2. Converting With Sie Zamzar

    Go to (zamzar zamzar.com). this is zamzar, a complete exchange service that allows you to sell files of almost any format in almost any output file format.

    How do I fix file conversion?

    In the meantime, I recommend checking the Word application settings, and to see if File Format Conversion Confirmation is enabled on creation. To check, go to File > Options > Advanced > General tab > then find “Confirm file format conversion on receipt”, uncheck it if checked, and click OK accordingly.

    your Rename the base .ppt file to .Presentation) (opendocument odp, so that’s how the file format used in OpenOffice. Then go to AND the downloadable zamzar file. You will need output, specify so be sure to select Then ppt , you will enter your own email address.You’ll probably get an email with instructions and even a download link once you’re done.Hopefully you’ll get a link to download the PPT file with this converted one at a time if it works.

    Ute Simon


    May 20 11:03:28 2008, 20/05 / 08

    Do you want to download the converter error when trying to open a file in Word Excel or PowerPoint?

    Go to the Microsoft Download Center to download and install the OOXML Strict Office Converter for 2010.Open a new file in Word 10, Excel 2010, or PowerPoint 2010.Select Open when the following message appears:


    You your family. Are you sure it’s a PowerPoint file? seen the message, this is when people tried to open a PDF file (with the wrong main extension)Receiving a file) in PowerPoint. So
    rename the file extension.PDF to open Adobe Reader


    — Utah
    Microsoft Powerpoint mvp team and PowerPoint team
    Have any users seen this? www.ppt-user.de/blogger and www.ppt-tv.de< /a>
    “Daniel” <Dan…@discussions.microsoft.com> a In is writing a news article
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    Echo S


    May 20, 2008 3:35:18 05/20/08 < /p>


    How do I fix Microsoft PowerPoint errors?

    Right-click the hard drive with the corrupted presentation. tab Select “And Properties”, then “Tools”. In the Error Checking section, select Check Now. Select the Automatically fix file system errors check box.

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    I have the same problem.
    This is a Windows Vista Office and 2003 office and 2007 converter applied
    (and updates) to it.
    I tested the file with Word. And 2007, it works. Tried
    I opened it pptx to computer using Powerpoint 2007
    with no problems and it works.
    I liked trying to convert In file to Powerpoint 97/2003 format, it works

    But although shortly I try to open a pptx file on a Windows Vista Office machine with
    2003 and Back-Converter I get “PowerPoint message does not normally read the file name structure. The text converter is not set for file type type.i”

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    < p>Compatibility Packs will only work if all major Windows updates have been made for Windows
    . Not sure if the Vista signs are needed yet (since I shouldn’t have landed, should I), but it’s often worth a try. Verify that purchasing the latest Vista Support Packs
    fixed the problem.

    “Paco” <Pa…@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote a message in

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