USB Drive Shows Up In Device Manager But Doesn’t Show Up In Explorer Easy Fix Solution

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    Sometimes your computer may display a message that the usb drive is visible in Device Manager but not visible in File Explorer. There can be many reasons for this error to occur.

    usb drive appears in device manager but not explorer

    Can see USB drive in Device Manager but not in Explorer?

    Your USB drive may be dangerous, so checkIf you have a corrupted CD or DVD, plug the drive into another laptop to see if the drive can show up in Windows Explorer on that computer. Make sure the driver is already installed.If the device probably still doesn’t show up in Windows Explorer on another computer, the CD or DVD might be corrupted. Some hardware clothing manufacturers offer hardware testing software that can help solve many problems on their laptop or computer and review tests. Visit material Manufacturer’s site, but look for useful analysis software.

    Why Doesn’t My USB Drive Show Up On My Computer?

    No USB drive upload usually means that the drive has disappeared from File Explorer. Directly visible can be in the disk management tool. Check it out, go to “This PC” > “Manage” > “Disk Management” and see if your USB drive is there.

    You see the USB drive in Device Manager but not wired ke?

    Your USB hard drive may be damaged. To check for a malicious hard drive, connect the hard drive to only one additional computer to see if the CD/DVD appears in Windows Explorer for that computer. Make sure you have installed the driver. If the device still does not appear in Windows Explorer, the hard drive may be corrupted.

    How do I force Windows to recognize a USB?

    To find out if Windows recognizes your USB device, you need to look in Device Manager to see if your USB device is listed as the correct version or with an error. For example, a suitable heading for a USB serial adapter is “Ports (COM and LPT)”. The USB device will appear in Device Manager under the name of certain chipsets. To find out the chipset name of your product, go to, find your device and click on the Specifications tab.

    How do I manually assign a permanent drive letter in Windows? If the drive does not appear in Windows Explorer, you must manually assign a drive letter using the Disk Management snap-in (diskmgmt.msc). To do this, open the computer management console (via the Win + X menu) and go to its section Storage -> Disk Management. In the drive list, find the removable USB drive that has been networked. As you can see, the attached hard drive has a healthy NTFS partition, but it definitely doesn’t have a drive letter assigned to it. To assign a drive letter to it, right-click the partition and select Change drive letter and path.

    How do I fix my USB drive not showing up on my computer?

    USB is a widely used technology that allows us to connect many devices to our computers on a daily basis. While it’s pretty easy to find, sometimes you just need to pop in and play, that’s not all. What do you actually do when your flash drive is not showing up?

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